Thursday, 27 September 2012

Conjuring Up The Great Bath Feast

- A restaurant community hungry for more business
- The resources and enthusiasm of the Business Improvement District and Destination Marketing Organisation Teams
- A few keen individuals keen to make something happen
- A number of individual events with a food theme

1. Add all of the above and mix with a generous slug of creativity.
2. Leave to prove, allowing others to contribute.
3. Distil into a beautiful guide and website which list all events.
4. Season and scatter a generous amount of PR hooks.
5. Whip up key social media, allowing others to spread the word.
6. Share.

To be decided - The Great Bath Feast started last Sunday (23 September) and continues until the end of October. The festival includes over 70 individual events and involves over 150 businesses: the proof of the pudding will be on the impact of the promotion. What is already clear is that the Festival has engaged a large number of stakeholders, supports the brand positioning of Bath and has already generated significant media coverage. So watch this space!

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